Énergie Saguenay is proposed to be built on land owned by the Saguenay Port Authority. This remote, deep-water port can accommodate ocean-going tankers and provides easy access to international markets via the Saguenay-St. Lawrence Waterway.

The isolated location of the site, low ambient temperatures that result in increased plant efficiencies compared to similar facilities in warmer climates, excellent existing infrastructure (including roads, utilities, rail, airport, and available land for lay-down yards during construction), and the available low cost, clean hydropower make the Adminiatration Portuaire de Saguenay site one of the best places worldwide for the operation of an LNG facility.


Énergie Saguenay site location


The figure below shows the plant layout, as proposed, which has been improved in accordance with comments and concerns expressed by stakeholders through the consultation process started in 2014.


Énergie Saguenay preliminary layout