The Team

Charles Provost

Charles Provost

Chief Executive Officer

Chuck has more than 35 years of administrative experience in the implementation of world-class energy projects. Throughout his career, he has held various upper management positions with major energy industry role players. Chuck has also developed strong skills in the technical, operational and financial aspects of large-scale projects, as well as the monitoring of development curves. He has over 25 years of direct experience in the startup of major investment projects, several of which involved LNG. Having worked in a number of countries, he has developed an approach that prioritizes cooperation with host communities and different cultural backgrounds. He currently sits on the boards of both private and non-profit organizations


Pat Fiore 

Pat Fioré, President


Pat Fiore has sound experience in projects related to natural resources, both in Quebec and Canada alike. He has developed frontrunning expertise in raw material processing plant operations management, more specifically pertaining to the nature and characteristics of international markets and industry-related challenges. Mr. Fiore took on multiple functions at QIT - Quebec Iron and Titanium and then at Rio Tinto Iron and Titanium. Within Rio Tinto, Pat held various roles, including President and Chief Executive Officer at Rio Tinto Bauxite and Alumina, which enabled him to gain outstanding knowledge of the Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean region and its realities and led him to an international career.


Tony Le Verger

Tony Le Verger

Vice president - Development and Finance

Tony Le Verger is an experienced finance and development manager, having worked extensively in diverse industrial sectors, such as energy, electronics, and technology. Throughout his career, he has coordinated the search for key investors for large-scale industrial projects and played a part in the acquisition and merger of large European interests for industrial players. Tony has successfully completed various financial analyses for major energy-related investment projects in South America. He has also gained vast experience in the fields of natural gas and liquefied natural gas. Tony holds an MBA from University of California Berkeley, a master’s of mechanical engineering, and a master’s of industrial engineering. Born in France, he speaks five languages and has worked on a variety of projects across 25 countries.


Stéphanie Fortin

Stéphanie Fortin

Senior Director - Public Affairs and Community Relations

Experienced communicator and manager, Stéphanie Fortin has been working in public relations and social acceptance for over 15 years. Having held various positions in Quebec City, Montreal, and Saguenay—Lac-Saint-Jean in recent years, Ms. Fortin has developed strong expertise and knowledge of communicational issues. She has dedicated the past eight years on the development of strategic positioning and community relations for the Régie des matières résiduelles du Lac-Saint-Jean (waste management authority). Stéphanie has a keen understanding of regional challenges, local role players, and environmental regulation processes. She is the holder of a bachelor’s degree in Public Communication from Laval University.



Caroline Hardy

Senior Director - Environment

A graduate of Laval University in Geology and Geological Engineering, Caroline Hardy has deep energy and mining project management experience. Throughout her career, she has steered a number of high-profile public hearings in her role as Director of Environment. In close contact with host communities, she has strong command of the mechanisms that govern the environmental processes associated with large-scale projects, both at the federal and provincial levels.



Isabelle Gagnon


For more than fifteen years, Isabelle Gagnon has held the posts of Professional Accountant and Director of Finance for several multinational and private companies, as well as Member of the Board for the Desjardins Group. Ms. Gagnon specializes in problem solving and continuous improvement, and has vast knowledge of accounting, financial and budgetary operations, specifically in the fields of energy, manufacturing, and finance.



Stéphan Tremblay

Director - Regional development

Holder of a Natural Sciences Degree, Stéphan initially worked as a bush pilot before he was elected Deputy to the House of Commons in a 1996 Lac-Saint-Jean—Saguenay electoral district by-election. He was reelected in 1997 and 2000, and then leaped to Quebec’s National Assembly in 2002. In 2003, Lac-Saint-Jean electors reiterated their trust in him. After leaving the political arena in 2007, he mostly worked as an entrepreneur and, in 2011, became Director, Carbon Market, for the Mallette Corporation. In 2013, he completed a Master’s Degree in Regional Development, specializing in bioenergy, and an MBA / Management Degree in 2016.


Jasmine Paradis-Laroche

Jasmine Paradis-Laroche

 DIRECTOR - Human Resource

Holding a bachelor’s degree in administration, human resource management and organizational psychology major, Jasmine has also completed an MBA. Throughout her career, she has gained deep insight into the inner workings of human resource management in both industrial and large-scale institutional environments. Jasmine honed her skills with a major aluminium company before joining the regional university, allowing her to develop vast experience in team management, employee training, policy development, and change management. Her key assets are her commitment and ability to mobilize work teams to achieve organizational goals.


Denis Rivard

Senior Manager of Project

The holder of a Mechanical Engineering degree from the University of Quebec at Chicoutimi, Denis has vast management experience in complex, large-scale projects. Throughout a career spanning 35 years, he has worked in some twenty countries, mainly on the African, North American and South American continents, where he successfully supervised, planned and managed projects in the fields of aluminium, energy, and metallurgy. On the strength of this rich and diversified career path, Denis developed robust management and leadership skills in diverse cultural and environmental contexts, as well as a deep understanding of human resources and strategic communications. He has also acquired vast knowledge of the issues and factors entering in the sound governance of large-scale industrial projects.


François St-Gelais

Advisor – Communications

Graduate of Public Communication at Laval University, François earned extensive knowledge of media liaisons and complex communication campaigns, as well as deep understanding of large-scale project development. Throughout his career, which extends over 15 years, he has worked as an investigative reporter, and then news editor and editorial writer for a respected regional newspaper. For three years, François fulfilled a senior advisory role for a large public relations firm in Quebec, where he guided many enterprises and organizations across Quebec through various issues and situations. In doing so, he developed acute awareness of social acceptance and strong knowledge of regional dynamics and realities.



Marie-Josée Dupuis

Advisor - Community relations, donations and sponsorship

By virtue of her experience as a regional entrepreneur and businesswoman for more than seven years, Marie-Josée Dupuis, has developed vast, sensitive experience in community relations and economic, social and environmental issues. In close relations with the Saguenay Community, she has been a GNL Quebec team member since 2015, where she has made her mark with a skillful, diligent approach to her work.


Annie Maillet

Annie Maillet

Accounting assistance

Annie Maillet is the holder of a college degree in Business Administration, specializing in finance. She has nearly 20 years of experience in business accounting. She spent more than eight years with a major industrial player in the Jonquière District. Her career, which includes diverse fields of activity, such as nutrition, recycling, and video games, has allowed her to develop a flexible approach and strong understanding of project development concerns.


Julien Girard

Human Resources Advisor – Recruiting

The holder of a Human Resources degree from the University of Quebec at Chicoutimi, Julien’s professional career started in the Saguenay offices of the multinational firm CGI, as part of the management staff. As such, he worked on the deployment and application of recruiting strategies in a highly competitive field. A tremendously engaged individual, Julien undertook to refine his professional knowledge and expertise through a series of complementary courses. He also spent more than eight years as an infantry officer with the Canadian Army Reserve, where he further developed his leadership, communication and interpersonal skillset.