Freestone International

Freestone is a development company, founded and directed by Jim Illich, a former Bechtel Corporation executive. Freestone’s mission is to work with investors, developers, government agencies and community stakeholders to develop, build, own and operate innovative energy projects in a sustainable manner. For more information visit

Jim Illich, former senior Bechtel Corporation executive and partner, has contributed to the design and construction of many of the largest LNG facilities worldwide. These projects are currently in operation in many countries, providing clean energy to millions of people around the world and providing significant economic benefits to local communities. 


Breyer Capital

Breyer Capital is a global equity investment company focused on catalyzing high-impact social and for-profit entrepreneurs. Founded by Jim Breyer in 2006, Breyer Capital is seeking long-term, idea-driven strategic investments that support businesses and social entrepreneurs who share a commitment to making a positive difference. Jim Breyer is a highly experienced investor, entrepreneur, philanthropist and businessman who is known for his role in the 2005 Accel Partners Facebook investment project. Jim Breyer has invested in over 100 companies worldwide including several ventures in Canada. For more information visit