A quebec-based company

GNL Québec is a Quebec-based project development, construction and operations company led by an experienced team. It is supported by major investors with international expertise in LNG development projects. 

Corporate charter


Through an innovative facility, meet the growing global energy demand by transforming in Quebec an affordable and environmentally responsible energy source. This will be achieved by collaborating with communities and our partners and leveraging Quebec’s unique expertise.


Set a new global benchmark in the LNG industry including being the lowest GHG emission LNG facility in the world.



We are open to new ideas, value diversity, and treat everyone with dignity and respect.


We nurture open and honest dialogue with our employees, partners, government officials, and communities in order to build and maintain close, trusting relationships. Our management and employees commit to unwavering ethical behaviour.


We exercise responsible governance, and strive to provide strong stewardship in economic, social and environmental domains.


Safety is at the heart of everything we do. We commit to safeguarding the wellbeing of workers, families, neighbors, communities, and respecting our host environment.


We commit to working with our project stakeholders to achieve our mutual goals and to deliver a safe, reliable, and high quality facility.