Greenhouse Gases

Environmental protection is a top priority for GNL Québec.  

A natural gas liquefaction facility  use about 10% of its incoming natural gas supply to fuel their plant's process equipment and fossil driven turbines to generate power. Access to hydroelectricity to power our facility sets Énergie Saguenay distinctly apart from all other similar-capacity projects in production or being proposed/developed. This unique advantage will help to reduce GHG emissions generated by plant operations by more than 80%.1

The plant's yearly GHG emissions will also be significantly lower. During the project's development phase, GNL Québec will continue its efforts to minimize GHG emissions and perform a precise assessment once all the technical data are available.

The Energie Saguenay project will be utilizing a substantial amount of surplus electricity from HydroQuebec; we will become a major customer and make significant payments to the company over the next 20-25 year period, adding important revenues to Quebec.

1. Source: Life cycle analysis of the Energie Saguenay project