• The LNG export terminal is a safe facility that cools natural gas to liquid state. Find out more in the Project section.

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  • Saguenay is an ideal location due to its qualified workforce, low temperatures that enhance the effectiveness of the liquefaction process, and deep-water port facilities. Find out more in the Project section.

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What is LNG?

LNG is the liquid form of natural gas - the same fuel we use to heat our homes, schools and offices. Once natural gas is turned into a liquid, it takes up very little space, can safely be stored in refrigerated tanks, and easily and economically shipped in large, safe tankers to countries seeking cleaner forms of energy. World demand for LNG is growing significantly and Canada is strategically positioned to meet the global need for this valuable resource. Find out more in the About LNG section.

    Énergie Saguenay

    GNL Québec plans to build a liquefied natural gas (LNG) terminal near the Grande-Anse maritime facilities managed by the Saguenay Port Authority in Quebec. This world-class project is estimated to cost $7.2 billion U.S. and provide significant economic benefits for the local economy and the province. Additionally, pipeline infrastructure to transport gas from the Ontario natural gas network to the project site will need to be developed and built by a partner, adding more economic opportunity for the region.
    The Énergie Saguenay project will be built in compliance with stringent environmental regulations in Quebec and Canada, as well as proven international safety standards.


    Energy demand across the globe is strong and growing, as populations increase, industrial growth outpaces existing energy supply, and emerging markets fuel global consumer demand. Many countries are searching for cleaner, more environmentally acceptable fuel sources and seeking to diversify their supply with reliable resources from their reliable partners in North America.


    The Saguenay region is a preferred location for the project for many important reasons: it is a year-round deep-water port with a remote site location; has a highly qualified workforce in the region; benefits from significant nearby infrastructure (existing port facilities, roads, utilities, airport, railroad, etc.); and has access to clean, renewable hydropower, as well as low ambient temperatures resulting in process efficiency gain for the plant. These attributes enable Energie Saguenay to be built faster, more economically, operated at lower costs, and much cleaner than most proposed green field projects around the world.


    In addition to securing site control of 600 acres of key Port of Saguenay property, GNL Quebec has validated the project’s technical and commercial feasibility with prominent industry experts,  completed baseline studies for its environmental assessment, submitted its LNG Export Application to the National Energy Board, engaged Gaz Metro and Hydro-Quebec in pipeline infrastructure and hydroelectric supply studies, and conducted early community consultation activities with First Nations and local residents.

GNL Québec
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GNL Québec

Led by an experienced professional team, the project is supported by major investors with international experience in LNG development projects. And it has hired leading international and local engineering, environmental, legal, technical, and community relations professionals to support this critical effort. Find out more in the GNL Québec section.

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